Homemade food

The unprecedented pandemic that flipped the world continues to press on. Visiting restaurants and ordering online food that were plain sailing tasks got a whole lot complicated given the virus, the bacteria, you name the germ.

Consumers for the first time started contemplating about the unhealthy stuff that goes into preparing restaurant foods and eventually started settling into routines that involved more of home cooking.

As people continue to watch their health, eating homemade food has turned out to be a privilege. Well, lending our ears to our grandparents would have perhaps put us in a better state today! Nevertheless, eating fresh, safe and healthy foods are still not a thing of the past.

As work-from-home became a norm, working parents were forced to find ways to make meals and snacks interesting to cheer up themselves as well as their children. Gradually, people are realising that the sophisticated, complex and fancy-looking restaurant foods can be accomplished at home and how! This new routine is here to stay and studies indicate that more people prefer to cook at home even after the pandemic ends. People cooking at home feel more confident about their abilities today than before. Thanks to the decision of our cooks at home to present healthy food to their families. Also, the umpteen number of food videos available online has made the task a lot easier.

Witnessing this change in consumer preferences, food brands are now providing healthier versions of their products. The lookout now for working parents is to prepare foods that are simple and healthy. Freshly cut vegetables and fruits, fresh, healthy and safely prepared batters and bread, and everything that brings down the efforts in the kitchen yet make the food healthy are sought-after.

The change in this attitude can also be attributed to working people realising the efforts inside the kitchen and the blurring of gender stigmatization. Although this is a positive change, some people burn out at the end of the week after having cooked an average of nine meals a week! Although cooking can be fun (can’t speak for everyone though) and at times when preparing healthy meals is a need, planning a breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner sounds a little too much especially when there is not much support. Also, for people who wouldn’t want to spend all their energies planning a meal and spending time in the kitchen, should have the option to order healthy meals from elsewhere.

Students or professionals living away from families might find it challenging to trade-off between work and cooking every day. Times like these call for technology-assisted platforms that can help with at least two (home-cooked) meals a day or suchlike.

Home chefs are in great demand today. Homemade-Healthy foods from outside are a necessity for working people or anyone who wants to take a break from cooking without burning a hole in their pockets. Seizing this opportunity, many great home cooks are turning into entrepreneurs by signing up with food apps or spreading the word on social media.

The whole buzz is about maintaining health by enhancing immunity. This is possible through mindful eating and knowing what goes into the food that you put in your mouth. Here’s to a safe and healthy meal, every day. 

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