Cancellation and refund policy 

  1. You cannot cancel an Order once the Merchant has accepted the order provided its confirmation. 
  2. If you provide incorrect particulars, e.g., contact number, delivery address, or that You remain unresponsive, not reachable or unavailable for fulfilment of the Order then You will not be eligible for any refunds. 
  3. No replacement / refund / or any other resolution will be provided by the Company without Merchant’s permission. The Merchant shall be solely responsible for such refunds. 
  4. Any complaint, with respect to the Order which shall include unfortunate and unforeseen instances including without limitation to food spillage, foreign object in food, delivery of the wrong order etc. shall have to be substantiated with a proof of the same before any resolution can be provided. 
  5. You shall not be entitled to a refund in case instructions placed along with the Order are not followed in the form and manner as was intended. Instructions are followed by the Merchant on a best-efforts basis. 
  6. All refunds shall be processed in the same manner as they are received, unless refunds have been provided to You in the form of credits, refund amount will reflect in your account based on respective banks policies.